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Open up your child’s world with Square Panda, the award-winning, multisensory, phonics-learning system. (That kids love!)

Becoming a successful, confident reader will change your child's life in unimaginable ways, opening new worlds filled with adventure, excitement and learning. 

And turning young children into enthusiastic readers is exactly what Square Panda – the award-winning, multisensory, phonics-learning system – is all about. Designed by leading experts in early education, Square Panda transforms any iPad into a games-based, interactive, phonics-learning system your child will love!  

We believe Square Panda is the most effective program ever developed to teach your child the fundamental phonics skills necessary for becoming a successful, confident reader. And we are so sure you’ll agree, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Change your child's life forever with Square Panda. Order yours today!

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