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At Square Panda, we celebrate the work of educators and love working with you.

Our mission is to give your students the tools to become fluent readers and to ignite in them a deep, lasting love of reading. We want to ensure that learning phonics is a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for your students.

The Agassi Foundation for Education is excited to be partnering with educators and schools to bring multisensory phonics to your classroom.

  • It is no secret that struggling readers struggle in other subjects. Traditional literacy remediation works well but has not leveraged the explosion in technology available today. Square Panda addresses this gap by helping PK to 3rd grade students establish reading fluency so they can confidently move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.
  • “All of these unique benefits are accomplished through Square Panda’s adaptive technology, personalized vocabulary, minute by minute feedback, and a very easy to use teacher or parents’ portal. I like to think of it as “simplifying teaching without simplifying instruction.”
  • The Square Panda Phonics Playset makes reading fun through its innovative hands-on way to teach students beginning and emergent reading skills.

"My Preschool students love it, and most importantly have shown huge strides in their awareness of phonics."

Carol Levins - Founder of Creative Kids Learning Centers

Our phonics playset starts as early as Pre-K and is a tool that can be used through Third Grade and beyond. Research supports that learning experiences that include multisensory learning using sight, sound, and touch, activate more neural pathways in the child's brain, leading to rapid learning and recall. Click here to learn more about our research.

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Special Needs

Square Panda is a strong tool for special needs classrooms as well. Click here to learn more and watch this video featuring a school in Miami, Florida:

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We are excited to be partnering with educators and schools to bring multisensory phonics to your classroom.

"The Square Panda play sets have been a great addition to our Special Education Autism classrooms. Our students are thoroughly engaged in the activities and have been challenged in ways to meet their individual needs. Because of students' engagement and excitement about using the Square Panda play sets, they are needing to learn to share, communicate their needs, be responsible for the care of the play sets! We look forward to expanding our use with future applications!"

Marcus Lam - Principal, Alvarado Elementary School, Union City, CA


Square Panda is committed to using research to support the development and optimization of our learning system.

Current Research

Unlike other literacy products, the Square Panda playset is designed to specifically appeal to young readers and to maximize learning. To test the efficacy of the Square Panda play set for improving early literacy skills in young children, we are currently conducting research in elementary schools. During the study, children in kindergarten and 1st grade play various Square Panda learning games over the course of three weeks. We then measure whether their performance on standardized reading tests to evaluate improvement between the start and end of the intervention period compared to a control group. The control group is exposed to typical classroom literacy instruction for the same amount of time. Our goal is to learn more about how playing with Square Panda changes a child’s reading performance and this will help us improve our product even more!


Square Panda is in the process of applying for the following NSF and NIH grants:

  1. NSF - Game-Based Assessment for the Early Identification of Students with Reading Disabilities
  2. NIH - Supporting Early Literacy by Integrating Physical Manipulatives with Adaptive Software (NIH- due Jan)


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"One of the best features is that you can pull up data on each student profile and see which words they attempted to spell. It allowed me to see common mistakes and determine which letter sounds they didn't know or phonics rules they have not mastered. For example, fil (fill) pik (pick). I can easily go back and work with that student on a specific intervention and re-evaluate data the next time they play.”

Kayla Steltenkamp - Adjunct Professor Northern KY University, Treasurer KY IDA

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