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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my iPad to the playset?

When prompted to select a playset, tap on the playset icon on your iPad to connect it to the playset (be sure it is turned on with blue LED scanning back and forth). The Square Panda Getting Started Video has detailed step-by-step setup instructions.

Why are my letters not responsive or reading incorrectly?

Several reasons are possible:

  1. The letters have been damaged or are dirty which prevents them from seating properly in the playset. Clean the letters with a damp cloth and dry them thoroughly.
  2. The letter slots may need cleaning. Watch out especially for crumbs or small debris which may prevent the letters from sitting flat in the letter slot.
  3. Playset may need calibration. Make sure the playset is clear of all letters before calibrating.
  4. If the letters still read incorrectly after going through the above steps please contact us at support@squarepanda.com and we will replace them.

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