Square Panda


"Square Panda has the potential to create a generation of confident readers.."

- Andre Agassi, Founder of the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education  

Transforms An iPad® Into A Phonics Playset

Square Panda is an accessory to the iPad® that utilizes physical letters and an electronic playset to wirelessly connect to the iPad® and engage your child in multi-sensory games that explore phonics and basic reading skills.

Square Panda

With Square Panda your child discovers:

Square Panda’s Revolutionary Learning Platform

A complete learning platform with a database 3,000+ words, video and audio files, phonemes and the ability to add personal words and pictures!

What makes Square Panda revolutionary:

Apps that Entertain Create Engagement

Square Panda has assembled a world class team of artists, engineers and game designers to design apps that will keep your child engaged with interactive multi-sensory play.

What makes Square Panda games unique:

Parent Testimonials

 Here's what parents are saying about Square Panda's phonics playset:

Donate to Head Start Preschools

Bring iPads and Square Panda phonics playsets to every Head Start classroom! This seemed logical enough, so we tried it with a local Head Start first. The Square Panda playset was a huge hit. The children had an insatiable desire to use and understand technology - and many had never seen an iPad before. We knew we had to do more, and that's why we're turning to you.

We need your help getting iPads into Head Start classrooms. Your donation will contribute towards the purchase of an iPad which will be donated to Head Start classrooms.  With every iPad donated we will match the donation with a Square Panda phonics playset and a selection of our apps. 

As Andre says "With Education There is Hope"


iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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