Square Panda

Learning Areas

Square Panda has open-ended exploratory games with no “right or wrong” answer which encourages children to have empowering play experiences. Exploration and trial and error are learning approaches designed to be intrinsically motivating to support different learning styles and build confidence.


Square Panda learning apps teach essential early reading skills.

Alphabet & Letter Sounds

 Word Families & Rhymes

Small Words: Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC)

Example: cat, pin, hen

Basic Words: Sight Words

Example: the, and, want

Compound Words

Example: sunset, hotdog


Example: chip, shop, fish

Consonant Blends

Example: clock, swim

Vowels - Long Vowels

Example: like, seed, beat

Word Endings

Example: jumps, jumping, jumped

R Control

Example: bird, yard, turn

Vowels - Diphthongs 

Example: food, light, round, tower

Vowels - Diphthongs (R Controlled Double Vowel)

Example: carry, hurry, merry

Prefixes/suffixes, Multiple Meanings & Trigraph

Example: before, happily, splash


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