"What really sets Square Panda apart are the tactile components. Students are touching and exploring letters while actively engaged in searching for them."

Elizabeth Cummings, PreK Inclusion Teacher

"My lower students practice letter identification, while my more advanced students build words and expand their vocabulary. I am seeing big results with their letter knowledge."

Amy Dunsworth, PreK Teacher

"Square Panda brings educational value to tablet technology, and we have already seen gains in student progress."

Emily Good, Principal

Neuroscience Research

Build reading fluency across diverse populations, including Title I, ELL, RTI, and SPED.

Research Findings*

Multisensory perception supports optimal learning.

Square Panda combines letters with sounds in a tactile environment, turning tablets into phonics learning stations that leverage sight, sound, AND touch.

Struggling students benefit from multisensory cues.

Square Panda’s multisensory approach advances low-performing students’ foundational skills while helping other learners progress through exploratory play.

High-poverty students benefit the most.

Square Panda supports children at school and at home—developing early reading skills with an eye to long-term challenges such as dropout prevention.

Second-language learners need additional reading support.

Square Panda serves as a foundational crosswalk between English and a students’ native language, as learners build their understanding of key phonics principles.

Early phonics instruction has the greatest impact.

To engage all PreK-3 students, Square Panda advances phonological awareness, rhyming, blending, segmentation, letter-sound associations, decoding, encoding, and more.

Square Panda partners with Dr. Bruce McCandliss, neuroscience researcher at Stanford University, and follows the guidelines of the National Reading and National Literacy Panels

To learn more, see "The Science Behind Square Panda."

*Sources: Birsh, 1999; Blau et al., 2009; Blau et al., 2010; Bowey, 1995; Hecht et al., 2000; Montessori, 1967; Reid, 2013; National Literacy Panel, 2006; NICHD, 2000; Noble, Farah, McCandliss, 2006; Van Atteveldt et al., 2004.

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"Working with the Square Panda team has been amazing. From purchasing to data exchange to training to rollout to trouble shooting, the team has been by our side every step of the way."

Katy Phinney, PreK Program Specialist