Square Panda


Square Panda is an award winning product that can help make your child a successful and confident reader because it follows these important 4 steps: 




Research shows that early and on-going exposure to letters, syllables, sounds and other reading fundamentals, will help your child become a confident reader.



Your child will learn naturally and stay engaged longer when learning is fun and play-based.



Phonics is the ‘gold standard’ for teaching children the fundamental skills that lead to reading.



Research suggests that optimal learning happens when children use multiple senses, such as sight, sound AND touch.

Square Panda incorporates each of the four essential steps to ensure your child learns the skills necessary for becoming a confident reader.

  • It is perfect for kids as young as 2 and as old as 8.
  • Our child-friendly animation and age appropriate stories make learning FUN.
  • It is a phonics based program. Learning system
  • And, unlike ‘online only’ or ‘app only’ programs, Square Panda is a true multisensory program learning system that combines animated Learning Games (that play on your iPad or Android Tablet), an electronic playset, AND a set of 45 Smart Letters your child can hold and manipulate.
  • It is the perfect tool to teach your child the essential phonics skills that lead to becoming a successful, confident reader.

According to the United States Department of Education, 66% of American children in Fourth Grade are reading below their grade level! Help your child become a successful, confident reader, by ordering Square Panda today!

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Board of Advisors: Educational Research and Business Experience

Dr. Bruce McCandliss

Dr. Bruce McCandliss - Professor, Stanford University

Bruce McCandliss is currently a tenured professor at Stanford University in the Graduate School of Education. His research uses the tools of developmental cognitive neuroscience to study individual differences and educational transformations in key cognitive skills such as attention, language, literacy, and mathematics. He is currently the head of the Educational Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Stanford University. PhD Neurology University of Oregon

Carol Levins

Carol Levins - Founder and CEO of Creative Kids Learning Centers

Carol founded Creative Kids in 1980 and nurtured it to become the state’s largest family-owned child care center chain in Nevada.  The company operated eight centers and employed over 160 people.  She recently sold the company to Learning Care Group, the nation’s second largest educational oriented day care center. She brings a wealth of hands on knowledge of educating children in Square Panda’s target age range. She has a Masters in Education.

Dr. Hua Shu

Dr. Hua Shu - Professor Emeritus, Beijing Normal

Dr. Hua Shu is a professor in the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University. Her research interests include the universal and specific aspects of reading acquisition in Chinese, compared with that in alphabetic languages; the core deficits of Chinese dyslexic children and the underlying brain mechanism; how factors such as cognitive skills, vocabulary, genetic and familial factors affect and predict reading failures.

Alex Morrison

Alex Morrison - President, Lynn Street Partners

Alex was the former Vice President of Business Partnership at Discovery Education. He has over 15 years of experience in the educational technology market. He is also the president of Lynn Street Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to developing cost effective marketing strategies for both established and start-up edu-tech companies.

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