10 Reading Games for Today’s Learners

Square Panda works with your tablet to support reading readiness.

Start Early

Early phonics learning has the biggest impact, including for special needs kids

Make It Fun

Emerging readers stay engaged when they can play and explore.

Make It Phonics

Learners practice letter identification, phonemic sounds, decoding, and more.

Use the Senses

Research shows that children learn best in a multisensory environment.

Improving Literacy for Every Learner

With interactive gameplay and multisensory phonics

K. Weatherford, PreK Teacher

"The variety of Square Panda games makes it easy to differentiate instruction and ensure that each student is challenged and successful. It has been a great tool to support phonological awareness."

Emily Good, Principal

"Square Panda brings educational value to tablet technology, and the kids love it. We have tried many different literacy tools, but Square Panda is a favorite. We have already seen gains in student progress."

Juliet, Mother of 4-Year-Old Boy

"My son can play on the iPad, but he’s also learning letter recognition and phonics. I’m giving him time to use technology, but he’s also building reading and writing skills. Square Panda gives me peace of mind."

Lisa, Mother of 3-Year-Old Girl

"My three-year-old loves Square Panda. She has Downs Syndrome, and it motivates her to work not just on letter recognition but also on fine motor skills and pronunciation of vowels and consonants."

Square Panda is the winner of multiple awards.