Emily, Mother of 3 ½-year-old

My 3-year-old LOVES Square Panda! It's great that there are so many games to choose from, so she never gets bored. She went from having no sense of what sounds letters make to being able to say what nearly all of them say in about 3 weeks. Her grandmother, who's a teacher, was astounded when she came over and saw her in action. I'd recommend Square Panda for any child learning to read! 

Lisa, Mother of 4-year-old

My four-year-old daughter loves her Square Panda playset. She has Down Syndrome, and these apps and play set motivate her to work not just on letter recognition, but also fine motor skills and pronunciation of vowels and consonants. 

Catalina, Mother of 4-year-old

Proud mama moment here! Natalia’s dad’s birthday was this past weekend. She asked me how to spell “Happy Birthday Dad”. To which I said “H” and she would write it, and so on and so forth. He was extremely happy with the accomplishment as was I. Square Panda has really been a blessing as it’s peaked her interest in wanting to recognize letters, sounds as well as write!

Melissa, Mother of 3-year-old

My three-year-old daughter LOVES her Square Panda. She has had it less than two weeks and asks to "do her letters" every day. This is a great program with a lot of variety to cater to several different levels of learners. She's picking up her letters and sounds quite quickly now.