Square Panda

About Square Panda

Giving early learners the keys to reading fluency.

It is often said that a child's most precious gift is their curiosity. At Square Panda™, we are creating a new generation of products that let children follow their curiosity through play activities involving both the physical and virtual worlds.

Our products, games and learning activities are designed by a team composed of world class game designers, educators, parents, user experience specialists, artists and engineers.

Square Panda™ was founded by Tom Boeckle, a successful entrepreneur, who struggled with dyslexia as a child. As an adult, Tom made a commitment to do something so that children would not experience the frustration and the embarrassment he did. Besides the phonics playset, the team at Square Panda™ is dedicated to providing other innovative multi-sensory, play-oriented learning devices to children around the world. Stay tuned!

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