“My daughter LOVES Square Panda! It's great that there are so many games to choose from, so she never gets bored.”

Emily, Mother of 3-Year-Old

“Square Panda has been a blessing. It’s peaked my daughter’s interest in wanting to recognize letters and sounds as well as write!” 


“My daughter asks to ‘do her letters’ every day. Square Panda is a great program with a lot of variety to cater to different levels of learners.”


Neuroscience Research

Square Panda is based on the latest research on reading and the developing brain.

Research Findings*

Multisensory perception supports optimal learning.

Square Panda combines letters with sounds in a tactile environment, turning tablets into phonics learning stations that leverage sight, sound, AND touch.

Struggling learners benefit from multisensory cues.

Square Panda’s multisensory approach can advance low-performing children’s foundational skills while helping other learners progress through exploratory play.

High-poverty kids benefit the most.

Square Panda supports children at home and in school—developing early reading skills with an eye to long-term challenges such as high school success.

Second-language learners need additional reading support.

Square Panda serves as a foundational crosswalk between English and a child’s native language, as learners build their understanding of key phonics principles.

Early phonics instruction has the greatest impact.

Square Panda advances phonological awareness, rhyming, blending, segmentation, letter-sound associations, decoding, encoding, and more.

Square Panda partners with Dr. Bruce McCandliss, neuroscience researcher at Stanford University, and follows the guidelines of the National Reading and National Literacy Panels.

*Sources: Birsh, 1999; Blau et al., 2009; Blau et al., 2010; Bowey, 1995; Hecht et al., 2000; Montessori, 1967; Reid, 2013; National Literacy Panel, 2006; NICHD, 2000; Noble, Farah, McCandliss, 2006; Van Atteveldt et al., 2004.


“David has started to identify letters. I'm certain this would not be the case were he not using Square Panda.”


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