Square Panda

Director of Education Marketing

Title: Director of Education Marketing

Location: San Francisco Bay area, CA

Industry: K12 Education Technology

Full Time

Square Panda™ is a research-based, award-winning multisensory phonics learning system that incorporates components of cognitive neuroscience with educational technology. Learners in early literacy environments engage in visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning through physical Smart Letters that interact with a library of learning games; creating highly-engaging, multisensory early literacy instructional experiences.

Our mission is to ignite a deep and lasting love of reading, while ensuring that learning phonics is a fun, engaging and rewarding experience for students.

Position Summary:

We are currently searching for a Director of Education Marketing to be the driving force for our marketing efforts. Square Panda is positioned to be an innovative leader in early literacy, both with our current product offering as well as future products and features. Square Panda is an early stage company gaining significant momentum in the PreK-12 market space for its passion in addressing the literacy gap for all students to establish fluency. This person will be responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and implementing all aspects of a marketing strategy in the education market space. While we are driven to succeed in our mission as a company, it is truly a passion project and is immediately noticed in the culture and commitment of our team.

The goals of the Director for Education Marketing include:

The position will perform the following specific functions:

What We Are Looking For:

To apply for this position, please email liz@squarepanda.com

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