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Director of Software, Beijing, China

Job Summary

The Director of Software will work with the internal Square Panda engineering team (engineering, product, educational curriculum) and external engineering teams to design, develop and extend our cloud-based product.  Square Panda’s Educational Cloud Platform delivers critical functionality to our innovative educational technology products.

Your primary duties will include coordinating work with Square Panda engineering teams in other countries (United States, India) and communicating progress on both shared projects and location-specific projects.  In this role, you are the interface between the (world-wide) software engineering department and the rest of Square Panda in China.  You will be responsible for communicating status of projects (by both written and verbal means) and keeping the engineering teams in China on track.  You will discuss Product concepts, high-level goals, and feature details with leads in other locations and then ensure that the China engineering teams understand and correctly implement those concepts, goals, and features.  Performing some amount of communication facilitation (translation) may be required between the engineers in different geographic locations.  You must have the technical ability to participate in architecture discussions and design reviews.  You will also manage the progress of the various engineering projects. 

You must hold Product quality up as an ideal and be committed to integrity within the development process.  While development is agile and fast-moving, you must ensure that designs are discussed and documented and that testing is a priority.  The ideal candidate will value working collaboratively across teams and geographies and will report directly to the VP of Data Science and Engineering. 


Minimum Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

Please email jobs@squarepanda.com to apply

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