Square Panda


What is Square Panda? Square Panda is a phonics playset that combines early reading skills and multi­sensory play to unlock learning. The playset includes 45 smart letter toys that interact with learning apps on iPad.
What will my child learn with Square Panda? Square Panda apps introduce key reading ­readiness skills as part of a research based curriculum, including: Learning the alphabet Exploring letter sounds Discovering rhyming Building vocabulary
What age should a child be to play Square Panda? Square Panda is designed for ages 3+.
What is Reading Readiness? According to the National Institute for Literacy, Reading readiness is when a child is equipped with the foundational skills to be ready to read. Skills include: phonemic awareness (distinguishing sounds in letters and words), alphabetic principal (letters represent sounds), letter identification, understanding of print concepts (Includes: left to right directionality and the meaning between spaces in words), age-appropriate vocabulary.
Is Square Panda for schools or the home? Square Panda is great for play both in the home and in classroom. Families find the Square Panda playset creates a natural workstation that allows for co-play and collaboration between family members. Parents in our early user testing feel that Square Panda seamlessly extends the classroom learning experience.
Will the learning apps pronounce swear words? We believe you know your child the best. We block words that are not allowed in most school settings and allow full customization to add and block words of your choice.
How soon will more apps be available? We have a team dedicated to continuous development of new apps.
Can I download the apps before receiving my playset? The apps are not designed to function without the playset. For that reason we will release the apps at the time we ship our first units.


What version of iPad will the playset work with?

iPad 3 and later, including the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 models. Square Panda needs an iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 so the first and second generation iPads will not work. The iPad mini 1 uses second generation iPad architecture.

Does Square Panda work with Android?

No, not yet. Future releases of our learning apps will be Android compatible.

Do I need Wi-Fi to play the learning apps?

No, you do not need Wi-Fi to play our learning apps after you've downloaded them from the App Store. However, you will need Wi-Fi  to download our learning apps, receive app updates, and use any Square Panda Cloud Services.

How do I pair it with bluetooth?

It's easy! Square Panda learning apps include simple on­-screen instructions that will walk you through pairing the playset to your iPad.

Will two playsets work in the same household?

Yes! You'll just have to pair each playset to your iPad(s) individually.

How will I know when the playset batteries need replacement?

We've included a built-in notification in our learning apps that will tell you when to replace the playset batteries.

Can my child play with it in the bathtub?

Square Panda is not waterproof, so you'll have to choose a different toy for bath time! 

Are all the parts lead­-free, and BPA-free?

Yes. We've designed Square Panda to the highest standards for toy safety.

Is the product recyclable?

Yes! If you ever recycle your playset be sure to take it to your local electronics recycler.


When will my order be shipped?

Square Panda will be available for order in June 2016. Once you have placed your order it will be shipped within 3-5 business days.

Can orders be shipped outside of the USA?

We're currently only shipping to the USA.  We will begin rolling out international products after our spring launch. Please stay tuned and join our email community for the latest news on international availability.
What is your warranty policy?
We cover one year parts and labor for product malfunctions.
The warranty applies to product issues resulting from normal use. As you would expect, damage from abuse of the product (dropping it, spills on the product, etc.) would not be covered. Loss of letters is also not covered. Check out our full warranty here: 
What is your return / refund policy?
We stand behind our product and want you to be a happy Square Panda customer. If you are not, for any reason, 100% satisfied with your pre-order, you may return it for a full refund, less shipping costs. For complete details see "Product Returns" in the Terms of Service.

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