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What is Square Panda?

Square Panda is an award-winning complete multisensory learning system that combines fully interactive learning games, your tablet, and a set of 45 tactile smart letters. Unlike 'online only' or 'app only' programs, Square Panda combines sight, touch and sound to give your child the best learning experience possible based on content grounded in research-based curriculum. Square Panda engages your child in their learning with the tactile smart letters, helping them to build early literacy skills while playing fun and engaging phonics-based learning games. The Square Panda learning system is the perfect tool to teach your child the phonics skills they will need on their path to becoming a fluent reader.

  • 10 Apps to Get You Started*
  • 45 Special Smart Letters
  • Android & iPad Compatible

*Some games not yet available for Android OS.

66% Of American Children Are Not Reading At Grade Level Entering The 4th Grade – United States Department Of Education.

Current Research shows these children who are behind very rarely catch up by the time they finish school; however, there is hope. Research also shows that early and on-going exposure to letters, syllables, sounds and other reading fundamentals will help your child become a confident and fluent reader. The system includes a parent portal where parents can see their child’s achievements, badges and progress. It allows you to see which words they spell most often, common mistakes and words they have trouble with. Square Panda focuses on problem areas and reinforces learned skills, so children advance at their own pace. This empowers you to work with your child, and help them move past trouble areas. For reading success you need to start early, make it fun, make it phonics, make it multisensory and make it Square Panda .

First reason

Customized Curriculum For Children As Young As 2

Square Panda learning games introduce key reading readiness skills as part of a research-based curriculum, including: Learning the alphabet, exploring letter sounds, discovering rhyming and building vocabulary. It has open-ended exploratory games with no "right or wrong" answers which encourage young readers to experiment with new words and letter combinations. Square Panda gives you insight into common misspellings to help drive learning in trouble areas. You can also upload pictures for popular words like "Mom" or a picture of your child when they spell their own name. You can even enter custom words like the name of a pet, a friend or a family member. You have the flexibility to filter out words you do not want your child spelling. Click here to learn more about the curriculum.

Second reason

Fun, Engaging & Educational Playset

Studies show that when children are engaged and having fun while learning, their retention and comprehension are increased dramatically. Square Panda uses games and milestones that allow your child to feel a sense of accomplishment, while having a fun and exciting experience. Current Research suggests that open-ended, exploratory curriculums keep children engaged for longer than traditional games.

Third reason

Phonics-Based Learning System

Phonics has proven to be the most effective way to teach children to read. Square Panda uses a phonics-based speech engine that promotes exploration and discovery. The Square Panda Playset can recognize over 3000 words (and 400,000 letter combinations). Children are encouraged to experiment with letter combinations and sounds, and are rewarded when they spell a word correctly. Square Panda creates a fun and rewarding learning atmosphere that will keep your child engaged and will have them wanting more.

Fourth reason

Multisensory Teaching Tool

Multisensory education uses multiple senses such as touch, sight, and sound to give your child the best learning experience possible. Square Panda also enforces the best practices for reading by making sure the letters are right side up and in the correct order. The tactile smart letters give your child something to touch and hold, this keeps them grounded in the real world. The phonics engine pronounces the words or letter combinations, and the phonics playset encourages the reader to interact with the words. This not only teaches kids to read (decode) but also to write (encode) in the best way possible. With over 400,000 letter combinations your reader will have plenty to explore.

Andre Agassi

"Reading is not only the key to ALL learning, it is the key to the self confidence of every child, even before they enter a classroom for the first time."

Andre Agassi, Square Panda Partner
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