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Introducing SquareLandTM

Navigate the whole island, learning all the way!

Square Panda and friends take young readers on a learning adventure through a world of games. As children advance through the curriculum, continuous assessments provide opportunities for personalized instruction.

Early reading skills: Letter recognition, rhyming, letter sound articulation, blend phonemes, onset rimes, word building.

Introducing Square Panda’s newest game SquareLandTM

SquareLand is an adaptive curriculum designed to keep every emerging reader engaged through a world of play. SquareLand features include:

Adaptive Learning

Game assesses and adapts to every child’s learning pattern and places them into their optimal learning zone so they are challenged but never overwhelmed.

Game “Rest” Periods

Cooldown “rest” periods are implemented and carefully designed to help create a balanced experience so the child stays engaged and motivated.

Foundational Reading Skills

Phonics, letter recognition, word decoding, oral expression and comprehension.

Multisensory Play

SquareLand provides letters that children can touch, feel, and place on the playset and encourages ergonomically important “look-away”.


Introducing characters Panda and Chameo, to support engagement, increased attention and focus into each game to reduce child frustration and meltdowns.

Real-Time Data & Analytics:

Parent and teacher portals track child’s progress and include letter directionality and words spelled.

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