Senior Data Engineer, Platform

We are looking for our first data engineer: a senior platform data scientist/engineer to lead our data platform and pipeline building efforts.

The ideal candidate will build and maintain a robust, scalable and sustainable enterprise data platform. He/she will be well-versed in the best practices of data warehousing but be flexible enough to think outside the box whenever necessary. The Data Engineer should be no stranger to high-scale systems with complex data models and large amounts data coming from various sources.

The role is in Sunnyvale; California and reports to Director of Engineering 


  • Lead the development and maintenance of a scalable data pipeline
  • Integrate and deploy machine learning algorithms and (near) real time analytics on the data platform and pipeline
  • Productionize reports, visualizations on our teacher and parent portals that capture how a child is learning
  • Integrate various data sources into one big database – usage from games and playsets with sales, CRM, marketing  
  • Gather requirements, scope, architect, develop, build, release, and maintain data oriented projects for all parts of our organization, considering performance, stability, and an error-free operation
  • Identify and resolve pipeline issues and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Work in a collaborative environment: meetings, iterative development and design and code review sessions
  • Help evaluate new tools and technologies to keep technology stack at the cutting edge
  • Help debug critical issues in complex designs or coding schemes
  • Monitor existing metrics, analyze data, and partner with other internal teams to solve difficult problems


  • BS in Computer Science or a related field and relevant experience
  • 3+ years of data engineering experience
  • Strong software development skills including programming languages, system architecture and agile development process.
  • Strong experience in many of the following areas:
    • Modern, object-oriented programming languages: Java, C++, Scala, Ruby, …
    • Programming frameworks: Spring, MVC, NodeJS, …
    • Web programming technology: JavaScript, HTML5, …
    • Scripting languages: Python, Perl, …
    • UNIX systems and development
    • Databases: Mongo, NoSQL, …
    • REST-compliant API’s, SOA,
  • Cloud platform expertise: AWS preferred
  • Experience with Postgres and MongoDB
  • Excellent communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • You have built a data pipeline and the infrastructure required to deploy machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics in low latency environments
  • Experience with Tableau, including report and dashboard development
  • Understanding of build systems, and other software configuration tools such as Jenkins and Rundeck
  • Experience with Postgres
  • Previous start-up experience
  • Have worked on shipping product
  • Additional skills that add value to our company (technical or domain)
  • A passion for our product space and a desire to improve the lives of others

Please email if you are interested in this position.

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