Square Panda Bowling

STRIKE! Letters meet their match in a bowling alley on a faraway Island! With every roll of the coconut ball your child learns the relationships between letters, sounds and words.  Compatible with the Square Panda Phonics Playset, real letter toys give children the chance to explore and create while engaging all of the senses for natural and intuitive learning.

 Perfect for children learning: The Alphabet, letter sounds, first words, word construction, vocabulary comprehension, and spelling


  • Over 300 pictures and audio pronunciations of children’s first words

  • Analytics engine helps your child move to the appropriate word lesson set and finds the next set of words they are ready to learn

  • Reinforcement of words with pictures supports comprehension and vocabulary acquisition

  • Humorous artwork engages children with every roll of the ball!

Phonics Benefits: Children learn that symbols correspond with specific phonemic sounds and when placed individually or together create brand new sounds. These sounds tied together have meaning and this meaning is the construct for the entire English language. The National Reading Panel recommends that children are taught phonemic awareness of individual sounds in words in this order: first, middle and last. When children roll the ball, they learn word construction from left to right.



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