Square Panda Lagoon



A goofy chameleon with a love for dancing introduces children to letter sounds and phonics in a fun, exploratory way. Compatible with the Square Panda Playset, children use letter toys to hear their chameleon friend sound out any letter or word, even silly words! As your child discovers real words, a picture of the word will appear and a celebratory funny dance will reinforce the learning!

Perfect for children learning: The Alphabet, letter sounds, first words, word construction, vocabulary comprehension, spelling, and reading fluency

Phonics Benefits: Children learn that symbols correspond with specific phonemic sounds and when placed individually or together create brand new sounds. These sounds tied-together have meaning and this meaning is the construct for the entire English language.


·   Over 3,000 pictures of children’s first words

·   Over 400,000 possible phonemic word creations

·   Enter your own pictures and words in the Square Panda Playground and see them appear!

·   Inventive Spelling means children can play without critique and build confidence

·   Special words change the color and texture of the chameleon!

The National Reading Panel recommends that children are taught phonemic awareness of individual sounds in words in this order: first, middle and last. When you combine letters in the Chameleon Word Creator, the chameleon sounds out and highlights each letter on screen to be sure children understand where the sounds in the words originate.




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