New Classroom Playset & Annual Subscription

For grades PreK-1 and diverse populations

The Square Panda Classroom Playset and Annual Subscription work together to turn your classroom tablets into a multisensory phonics learning system.

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To order one playset/subscription or design the optimum Square Panda configuration for an entire classroom, school, or district!

Classroom Playset

  • Bluetooth-enabled playset with new smart screen
  • 46 Smart Letters
  • Built-in QR code
  • Compact stackable design
  • Drawstring storage bag for letters
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Annual subscription required

Annual Subscription

  • Up to 30 student enrollments
  • One teacher and two support log-ins
  • SquareLand Early Literacy Curriculum
  • Access to the new Teacher Portal
  • Online teacher resources such as lesson plans
  • Onboarding and standards alignment
  • Initial implementation support
  • Updates and enhancements
  • Playsets not included

Flashcards are available for purchase to extend and personalize instruction. Learn more.

The free games are available for download on the App Store or Google Play. Tablet not included. See FAQ for supported tablets.

For more details, see Schools.

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