Celebrate March Reading Month with Six Reading-Based Activities

March 04, 2019

Mom reading books with her children to encourage a love of reading

Did you know that March is National Reading Month? We've put together six fun activities that you can do both on and off the screen with your child. Stimulate their senses through multisensory play and help them build those critical reading skills. Check them out below!


1. Create A Month-Long Reading Tracker

Get your kids excited about reading by challenging them to read every day through the month of March - even for 15 minutes a day! Make a personalized Reading Tracker so they feel a sense of ownership and responsibility.

What you’ll need: Construction paper or poster board; Crayons, markers or paint; Stickers 

Children creating a colorful reading tracker to encourage them to read


2. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Did you know March 2nd was Dr. Seuss' birthday? Introduce your child to his engaging stories and rhymes. We recommend reading Green Eggs and Ham and then making breakfast for dinner with your child! This time, make it fun and make the eggs green!

What you’ll need: Eggs; Green Food Dye; Ham; Green Eggs and Ham book by Dr. Seuss

Children's book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss


3. Play Square Panda!

Make their screen time count with Square Panda, a fun tool that helps kids learn to read. If you own Square Panda (or plan to buy one), check out our Bubbles game! After your child plays, create an extra bubbly bubble bath and go over what letters they remember learning!

What you’ll need: Square Panda Playset and the Bubbles game downloaded to your tablet

Square Panda Bubbles app for kids learning to read


4. Get Some Fresh Air with Letter Hopscotch

Get a change of scenery and get outdoors! Fresh air is great for kids and also a good way to avoid that late afternoon witching hour. Say and sound out each letter with them as they hop. Start with letters they know and use this as an excuse to introduce more letters.

What you’ll need: Sidewalk chalk

Kids playing letter hopscotch to learn their letters


5. Make A Bookmark!

Making a personalized bookmark is a fun activity for kids. Have them write their name on it to practice writing letters. Then, jazz it up with stickers and doodles. Once they are done, grab their favorite book and get reading!

What you’ll need: Paper and scissors; markers or crayons; stickers are a plus!

Creating a paper bookmark encourages children to embrace reading


6. Create A Story

Collect small toys around the house to create and act out a fun story. Encourage their imaginations and storytelling skills with physical, small toys (figurines, dolls, etc).

What you’ll need: Toy figurines, stuffed animals, etc. from around the house. Maybe it’s time to pull out the oldies but goodies!

Dad playing toys with his son


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