How to get your child excited to read!

April 01, 2019

Baby sitting in front of a book

Let’s face it, not every child loves to read. Some find it boring and view it as a chore. Others find it really hard and get intimidated, therefore they avoid it. Learning to read is not an easy process. Did you know that when a child begins to learn to read, the brain has to be rewired? If your child is struggling and not begging for books, step back and help them see that reading can actually be really FUN! There are ways to help him or her get there. Help make learning to read a positive journey with these ideas.


Be a role model. Read in front of them!

Children learn well by example. As a parent, it's important you practice what you preach, especially when you are trying to help your child embrace reading. During the week, try and read in front of him or her in common areas in your home. Or, simply in your room with the door opened. They will see you reading and enjoying it, giving them that needed positive reinforcement!

Woman happy and reading a book


Write your own story and bring it to life together!

Get out those capes, hats and costumes. A great way to encourage your child to read is through the act of storytelling. Instead of grabbing a book, create your own story! Write it down together and draw pictures. Then, act out the scenes and play as the characters. This is also a great activity for bonding. 

Mother and daughter drawing together


Turn reading into an outdoor adventure with the book's theme

Get a change of scenery. Reading with your child should take place beyond your family's bedtime routine. Let books inspire exploration outside of your home! Go to the park and have a picnic with stuffed animals while you read A Teddy Bear's Picnic, by Jimmy Kennedy. Or, bring an animal-based book to the zoo and find the animals in the book in real life. There are endless books out there to inspire your adventures!

Twin boys reading with their teddy bear


Introduce them to your favorite childhood books

Show them what you loved to read at their age. Here are some books the team at Square Panda enjoyed as children:

  • Berenstain Bears Series, by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog, by Norman Bridwell
  • The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister
  • Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans
  • A Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle
  • Frog and Toad Are Friends, by Arnold Lobel

Children's book recommendations


Mix it up!

There are ways to support your child's reading journey beyond books. Incorporate kid-friendly magazines and even movies based on classic children's books. Have fun together as you look through the pictures in the magazine and read the articles. Or, make it family movie night and grab that bowl of popcorn! And of course, don't forget about learning apps such as Square Panda. These bring a unique, digital experience into their learning.

Young girl playing Square Panda


Get your child a library card

Kids love to feel a sense of ownership. Next time you're looking for a rainy day activity, head to your local library. Put your child in charge of picking out the books and checking them out with his or her very own library card.

Boy holding a library card


Create a Book Nook

Turn your child's play tent into a reading tent, or create a "pillow corner" somewhere in your home. Wherever you build it, make sure and involve your child in the decoration and keep it fun. It should become an area they are excited to hang out in and associate it with reading.

Father and kids reading together in a tent at home


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