The Best Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids and Still Relax, Mama!

May 20, 2019

Mother laughing with daughter while reading a book
Mamas (and dads)! We know you love your kids and give them your all - they grow up so fast! But, you also need to make sure and care for yourself. As much as you should value putting your child first, it's important you remember to put yourself first at times. You'll be a happier and healthier parent as a result. Here are some suggestions on ways to enjoy those rare "kid free" moments, in addition to activities you can do with your kids that will make time together memorable and appreciated by everyone.

Sit back and relax!

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Cash in on a morning alone and send your kids out with your partner, a grandparent, or friend. Instead of taking the time to run errands or clean up around the house, we recommend you don't! Take that moment and refresh with what relaxes you, whether it's coffee with a good friend, a run in the park, or simply a bubble bath!
Woman sitting in chair reading a book with cup of tea

Read that long-awaited good book!

Books can be like chicken soup for the soul. They are also a great way to stimulate your mind with non-kid-related subjects. Put down that book about potty training or getting ready for Kindergarten and instead pick up the latest best seller or suggestion from a local book club. There's bound to be a few books sitting on your list that havepiqued your interest.
Woman lying in bed reading a book with a cup of coffee

Get outside and enjoy the spring air together!

Grab your shoes and head outdoors with your child. This time, divert from your usual activities and do something new together. The change in weather is a great excuse for a new adventure and a reason to create that special time you'll both appreciate. Check local websites and blogs for fun activities happening around you, whether it's a festival, farmers market, boat ride, or even a new museum.
Mother running in the woods with two children

Make a coupon book!

Sit down with your child and come up with a list of things you each want to do for one another. Then, put each idea on its own piece of paper and create a booklet. It's a fun activity you can do together that benefits you both! Plus, it's great way to help your child understand the importance of thinking about and valuing others.
Ideas for mom: breakfast in bed; popcorn and movie night; a big bear hug
Ideas for child: park adventure; ice cream social with mom and friends; date with mom of my choice
An example of a coupon book for mom

Go to the store alone

When's the last time you went shopping alone and weren't doing sprints through the store while keeping your checklist on hand? When's the last time you went to the store kid free and tried on clothes, looked through the latest products for your home, or simply tried on shoe after shoe for fun? Don't remember? Then you should! You'll be amazed by how great it feels to make yourself the priority.
Women's shopping store

Need another excuse for some "me time?"

Have your child play Square Panda! It will give you those extra minutes to get dinner started or that laundry folded.  Square Panda's learning system includes a playset that connects your tablet to a library of fun, evidence-based learning games. It engages a child’s senses using sight, touch and sound, because research has proven that kids learn best in a multisensory environment. The system comes with 45 smart letters, all of which are recognized within each game.If you're looking for a new game, check out SquareLand! It's our awesome new world of play.
The Square Panda learning system for kids

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