How Square Panda Can Help You Raise A Confident Child

October 05, 2018 1 Comment

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Square Panda helps you spend more time with your children

Playing Square Panda with your child helps you get on their level. Literally! Like many parents, ourselves included, it has been a long time since we were children, and it is very likely we may have forgotten about the joys of playing. The simple act of playing Square Panda’s reading games with our children and being willing to take that time to share their excitement for learning does wonders for their confidence and self esteem.

For more lesson ideas on how you can get the best use of Square Panda, check out ourParent Resource Guide.


Square Panda parent and child


Square Panda understands your child’s learning preferences

Preparing your child’s learning environment is a great way to set the tone for a fun learning experience. Our library of reading games for kids allows parents to track a child’s learning progress through the Parent Portal. Parents can also adjust the settings of a game by choosing the curriculum level under “Settings”. Here are some ways you can help set your child up for success:

  • Prepare with a special place to play and items like headphones if the environment is noisy
  • Organize Square Panda’s smart letters next to the playset, to make it easy for your child to find
  • Organize all Square Panda games onto a single home screen or folder on your tablet

Square Panda guides children to learn through their mistakes

As parents, we want to help our children as much as we can. If we see them struggle with a toy, we rush to fix it. If we see them being messy while eating, we insist on feeding them to avoid having to clean up the mess. We are all guilty of helping them too much in some way or another. As Bob Ross would say, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents”. The same goes with the way our children learn and navigate through our phonics activities.Children will learn even when spelling the most nonsense words because our learning games will still teach them what letters they are playing. Square Panda’s online educational games offers “cool down” periods and multisensory cues to help struggling learners progress through exploratory play.

To help reduce struggle and frustration, choosing the right game is key. Consider your child's age, skills, and learning interests when selecting a game. For more information, specific recommendations are available in theParent Resource Guide and also include game descriptions to help you choose the right game.

Square Panda can give your child a strong head start

The feeling of being behind in comparison to other classmates can take a huge toll on your child and his or her self esteem. The Square Panda engine assesses each child’s understanding of a variety of early literacy skills to determine his/her learning level. Our phonics learning system has shownpromising improvements on standardized tests in schools, especially for weaker readers, helping your child build a strong advantage in school.


Square Panda with Panda playset

Square Panda can help your child build a lifelong confidence in reading

When it comes to parenting, we know there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all. Square Panda uses games to help your child learn to read in a playful way, so they can feel confident in reading, and allows parents to be part of their child's learning success.


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February 07, 2019

Awesome blog post! Great resources and suggestions on picking the right learning activities for our kids!

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